Who am I?

Three things people notice about me first: My hair, my energy and my smile.

I grew up in a middle-class family in a middle-class neighbourhood with a stay at home mom, busy dad and my brother. My mom made sure we knew how to cook, clean, and garden and my dad taught us how to think logically, to question and problem solve, and to love the sciences.  To this day, I LOVE to play with my food and talk to people about how to shift from eating processed junk to whole foods, eat gluten free, and drink spectacular beverages.  For someone who grew up a non-drinker, I now have a fully stocked “bar” (my floor), a bar on wheels, and a recipe collection I share with any bartender I meet. I share these simple passions with anyone who will listen. This passion for kitchen chemistry comes through, oddly enough, in the processes I bring to my clientele.

I bring bright bold energy, a big smile and a glut of straight-up tell-it-like-it-is knowledge-nuggets to any meeting!

I fell in love with Real Estate at the ripe old age of 16 via a cooperative education program in my high school. I loved it! The people, the process, the beautiful homes. 10 years later, I found myself working yet again in the industry. This time as a receptionist. From there I took the leap deeper into the industry, this time as a personal assistant. After 4 months, 9-11 happened and everything changed. I learned a lot about administrating a Real Estate business and so decided to go on my own and share that with other Realtors. Since that day in 2002, I’ve served over 200 Realtors in the Ottawa area in a variety of ways. Ranging from quick technical support to creating postcards and marketing materials to training and processing transactions.

With the wide variety of people I’ve worked with, I’ve acquired a deep understanding of the Realtor personality, the rapid-fire get-it-done attitude, and “don’t tell me, just get it done” needs of the industry. One of my favourite parts of the industry is taking the chaos of someone’s business and create a beautiful organization of workflows, follow-up, tracking and marketing. I’m passionate about making agent businesses better from the back-office paper and people right out the office door.

My clients’ needs range from a random how-to call to a training session from the ground up.

My most recent projects include creating service packages designed to streamline Realtors’ businesses from Lead to Close, be Assistant-Ready, and to maximize their Contact Relationship Management systems, primarily, Top Producer CRM.

These days, while I still offer some administration services, my passion is to truly empower Realtors and Small Businesses to build strong foundations, save time, and have a life while doing it. When they’re ready, their business is assistant-ready, and so are they.

Business Straight Shooter, or Biz Mixologist, shaking up a cocktail of creative solutions to get your business on track!